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Appends another field (column) to the CSV data row, optionally with a field value

Appends a new column to the end of the data row, and optionally fills it with a value.
The value can be a literal, the contents of another field, or any expression.
If you want to insert a new column at the beginning or somewhere between other other columns instead, then you can use ±insert.


±add[NewFieldName] ±add[NewFieldName]=NewFieldValue


Appends a new column NewFieldName to the line.
Appends a new column NewFieldName to the line and fills it with NewFieldValue.
NewFieldValue can be a literal, a field or any expression.


If there is a csv file:

ProductProduct Weight
-add["Transport Weight"]={(1,05*["Product Weight"]),3}g
Appends a new column Transport Weight to the line and fills it with the value of the field Product Weight * 1.05. The output shall be with decimal comma and 3 decimal places.
The quotes are necessary because of the whitespace in the column name.
Now the resulting csv file will look like:
ProductProduct WeightTransport Weight

More Examples

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