Leverage Your Data.

Software Limitations

The csvfox software has following restrictions:

Operating system

Windows: Windows 8, 10, 11
Linux: ?
MacOS: ?

Table size

Maximum number of columns:  18278 (A - ZZZ).
Maximum column (field size): 2GByte. (Or will 16MByte be enough?)
Maximum record size: 2GByte. (Or will 286MByte be enough?)
Maximum number of rows in full version:  unlimited, depends on memory and disk size.
Maximum number of rows in test version:  100.


Maximum number of significant places used in calculations: 25.

Maximum number of decimal places used in calculations: 25, depending on the magnitude of calculated numbers

Formatting of Numeric Fields

Maximum number of decimal places to format to: 100

Supported Text Character Set

Correct text interpreting and processing is defined for the Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane, without the UTF-16 Surrogates ( D800 to DFFF ) and without Private Use Characters PUA ( E000 to F8FF ).

Under construction, coming soon