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%verbose, %v

Set CSV Processing Mode to More Verbose


Normally, when started, csvfox provides a lot of information on the console screen. It will display the file names, the interpreted commands, and will visualize the ongoing processing of CSV rows, any occurring problems, and states the finishing of the process.

But you can display even more information with the %verbose command. In this case, csvfox will additionally print out some more internal details about column handling, resolving expressions, and calculating, on the console as well as into the log file.

You can also combine %verbose with %silent. In this case, no output on the screen will take place. But the additional information will still be printed into the log file.



Usage Examples

csvfox infile.csv +d=, -d=; %verbose outfile.csv
This changes the field delimiter of the input file, which uses a comma, to a semi-colon. More information will be printed on the console and the log file.
csvfox infile.csv -set[Weight]="[*] kg" %v outfile.csv
This appends the string " kg" to the field "Weight". More information will be displayed on the console and the log file.


If the output file name is not given, csvfox assumes that the data output will be targeted to the console instead. This allows piping (|) and forwarding (>, >>).
In this case, there is also no processing information display on the console because this would corrupt the data output. An explicit %verbose command does not change this.
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